For our customers health & safety, we operate the following: 

  1. CCTV in Joeys, the areas covered are shown on screen in the seating area.

  2. Member details: We also record members names, parents names and members dates of birth to ensure compliance with our 0-6 years old policy.   Members details are held on a spreadsheet stored locally at Joeys (not on a server or public cloud) solely for this use.  Should you wish to have your details erased from this spreadsheet please let us know.    

  3. Sign-in sheet:  The daily sign-in sheet is held in a folder locally at Joeys, it is not transferred to a digital medium.   

If you have any questions please ask to speak to Jenny or Brendan.    


How To Contact Us by email - should you wish to contact us in relation to Personal Data, please email us at .

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How To Contact Us
Should you wish to contact us in relation to our Copyright Statement, please email us at .


Our commitment to our young visitors' safety means we have a strict policy on vetting all potential employees.  We also vet our suppliers, e.g. our equipment is ROSPA certified.  We will always have a first aid trained staff member on site.  We pay particular attention to security by ensuring that entry and exit to the premises is strictly controlled and we also operate CCTV.  

We operate a set of house rules which can be viewed on arrival but in summary: 

• All adults must be accompanied by a child and vice-versa
• Only food and beverages purchased at Joey's may be consumed on the premises
• No cameras or video equipment are allowed except in the party room
• Socks must be worn at all times in the centre
• We reserve the right to refuse admission at any time


** We operate in compliance with prevailing Covid-19 guidlines.  Our Covid-19 policies and procedures are available at reception for review.